Face Recognition Projects

Our ability to recognise familiar people across different, even very degraded images, is remarkably good, and yet we are surprisingly poor at unfamiliar face recognition. We have previously argued that this is due to within-person variability, and our lack of knowledge regarding how an unfamiliar person’s face can vary (Burton et al., 2016, Cognitive Science; Kramer et al., 2017, Visual Cognition; Ritchie et al., 2015, Cognition). We are currently investigating unfamiliar face recognition and ways in which it may be improved using multiple-image arrays and face averages in both lab and live paradigms. We are also looking at identification from lineups, and identifying people in crowds. We work closely with face recognition researchers at other universities, both in the UK and around the world. For a fun take on some of our recent work, have a look at our Geek Studies article or our piece in The Conversation.Key funding:

Ritchie (PI) & Fitzgerald (Co-I, Portsmouth), Experimental Psychology Society, £3,500

Kramer, Experimental Psychology Society, £3,500

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