Parkinson, K. N., Jones, A. R., Tovée, M. J., Ells, L. J., Pearce, M. S., Araujo-Soares, V., & Adamson, A.A. (2015). Cluster randomised trial testing an intervention to improve parents’ recognition of their child’s weight status: study protocol. BMC Public Health, 15, 549.

There is a plethora of cross-sectional work on maternal perceptions of child weight status showing that mothers typically do not classify their overweight child as being overweight according to commonly used clinical criteria. Awareness of overweight in their child is regarded as an important prerequisite for mothers to initiate appropriate action. The gap in the literature is determining whether, if mothers do classify their overweight child’s weight status correctly, this is associated with a positive outcome for the child’s body mass index (BMI) at a later stage.

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