Investigating body size perception of children ages 2 to 11

Children ages 2 to 11 years (and their consenting parents) are invited to take part in our ongoing studies:

Study 1 – We are collecting 3D photographs of children ages 3-10 so we can create a realistic set of pictures to represent what children in the U.K look like. All of the anonymized body size and shape information from the 3D photographs will be put together to create a tool that will help parents and health professionals correctly assess children’s health and weight. In our purpose built private lab, our special 3D scanner will take your child’s 3D photo while dressed in their own underwear.

Study 2 – Can children aged 7-11 can accurately estimate body size? What do they want to look like as children and when they grow up? We are also looking at the influence of the media (watching television for example) on children’s body size perceptions. Children are shown a set of 10 computer-generated pictures of children their own age and gender and asked their opinions about them.

Study 3 -This study aims to find out if children ages 4-6 can accurately judge body size and where on the body they are looking to help them make those judgements. On a computer screen with a special invisible eye tracking camera, children are shown 4 simple images of children the same age and gender, and asked some questions, for example ‘which child looks most like you?’ We also measure children’s height, weight and waist so we can calculate children’s accuracy in the task.

All children receive a sticker and a small goody bag as a thank you for taking part. Additionally, parents of participating children aged 2-3 will receive a gift voucher to the value of £20.

For more information, or take part in one or more of our studies please email:

All of our studies have been approved by The School of Psychology Ethics Committee. If you have any concerns about these studies, then please contact the School of Psychology Research Ethics Committee on


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