Xu, J., Chen, Y., Guo, K., Wang, J., Menchinelli, F., Jiang, C., Zhang, C., & Shao, L. (2017) What has been missed for real life driving? an inspirational thinking from human innate biases. 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance (AVSS)

Nature is gorgeous for her imbalance. The innate bias from non-human to human results in a wonderful yet mysterious biological foundation towards the inspirational thinking for real application. The vision researchers evidenced that the left gaze bias in humans and non-humans. Nevertheless, the acousticians observed the right ear advantages in both non-humans and humans. Unlike the vision and acoustician researchers investigating the underlying mechanisms of human innate bias, we are more interested in mimicking these characteristics. In this paper, we propose two simple yet effective methods to generate the left eye gaze bias and the right ear advantage. We further discuss the potential applications, e.g., real life driving, from these inherent phenomena. We believe that this paper could bring an inspirational impact for future cognitive transportation, by implementing these human innate biases properly.

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