Yue, S., Harmer, K., Guo, K., Adams, K., & Hunter, A. (2014). Automatic blush detection in “concealed information” test using visual stimuli. International Journal on Data Mining, Modelling and Management, 6, 187-201.

Blushing has been identified as an indicator of deception, shame, anxiety and embarrassment. Although normally associated with the skin coloration of the face, a blush response also affects skin surface temperature. In this paper, an approach to detect a blush response automatically is presented using the Argus P7225 thermal camera from e2v. The algorithm was tested on a sample population of 51 subjects, while using visual stimuli to elicit a response, and achieved recognition rates of ~77% TPR and ~60% TNR, indicating a thermal image sensor is the prospective device to pick up subtle temperature change synchronised with stimuli.

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